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    We are re-imagining the way retail technology can work for our partners, putting their brands at the forefront of our innovations in an ever changing world.

We have world-
class technology

Our software is designed by our people, for our people – that’s why we’re confident it gives the right information, at the right time. This technology enables us to predict and prevent issues, empowering people to take effective actions across all channels.

We integrate with your business earlier, quicker and more easily than ever before.

Our Global
Product team

As part of the Acosta business, we have access to world leading technology. We benefit from from their scale and global technology team – from Silicon Valley to Surrey, as well as Acosta’s strategic partnership with Microsoft. The UK is the lead market for this innovation, meaning you access it before anyone else.

Because we’re all part of one team, we’re better at hearing and seeing “what’s next”. Those conversations happen every day, and every week, with the insights from our field teams flowing directly and uninterrupted to our R&D and product groups.

We build from the field up.

People drive

We succeed when our clients succeed. Our drive to make ideas happen is why we’ve invested in a global technology team that’s passionate about finding new solutions.

Our job is never complete when it comes to technology – we work tirelessly to ensure we are always progressing, innovating and leading the way in the market.

We are your eyes and ears for front line field intelligence.